Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are all of the templates / thumbnails free?
Simply put, yes all the templates and thumbnails available at ThumbTemps are free! If you should happen to see any of my templates online being charged for, please report it to me immediately!
2. Can I monetize my content while using thumbnails from ThumbTemps?
ThumbTemps does not restrict the commercial or monetized usage of thumbnails created from templates available on You are absolutely free to grab a thumbnail image straight off ThumbTemps and use it on every one of your monetized YouTube videos.

With that said, please be aware those whom own the images you're using as thumbnails may restrict monetized or commercial usage. This is something ThumbTemps tries to avoid when selecting images to use, when they're included, but cannot guarrentee.
3. I don't have Photoshop, how can I use the thumbnail templates?
Unfortunately the templates available on ThumbTemps are tied to Photoshop. You may be able to get some functionality with them from apps like GIMP, but that functionality is likely to be very limited.

When you're on a template's page look for a "Download Thumbnails" button. If you see this button you can download most of the .JPG image files available through the template. You can then utilize these images in the image application of your choosing to edit. If you don't see this button, but you see an image previewed in the template's gallery that you like, click on the image. This will bring up the full-sized version of the image. You can then right-click on the image and save that particular image. This is also a good way to save space on your computer instead of downloading all the image files.
4. I don't know how to use Photoshop, how do I use the templates?
This is really a loaded question and is something that needs to be answered per every question! So here are your three options!
Option 1: Ask
Send me over an email, providing the template your working with and what you're trying to do or struggling with and I will do my best to work with you and help you out!
Option 2: Tutorials
Newly added to ThumbTemps are tutorials! I'm going to be tackling some cool things you can do with the templates and some effects and tricks with Photoshop, so be sure to check out the tutorials section of ThumbTemps!
Option 3: Learn
Photoshop has a lot of really cool and powerful tools! I have a really old document I put together that I used to include with every download on ThumbTemps. This document covered the different tools and effects and modes you could utilize in Photoshop. You can download this document below, I hope it helps you out!
5. Do I need a specific version of Photoshop to use the templates?
No, though you may get a prompt if you're using an older version about the template including "nested folders." These nested folders are in place to make things easier for you to siff through, so it may be a little harder on older versions, but it will still work!
6. Can I pay you to make specific thumbnails?
Simply put, no. The vast majority of requests that I recieve are for gaming thumbnails. I am not the copyright holder of gaming images, the companies that publish the games hold the copyright for those images. It would be illegal and unethical for me to use their copyrighted materials on items I have for sale.
7. I don't see a specific template on the site, is the template available or will it be soon?
To find a template you're looking for follow these easy steps:
Step #1: Search for it using the template search engine I built
Step #2: Look for it on the "Coming Soon" page, these are already requested templates
Step #3: Request what you're looking for by clicking "Request" in the navigation